Monday, April 19, 2010


Had been thinking about making a bracelet that can be worn without having to feel too bijouxy. I mean, if you walk down the street, surtout à la quartier chinois, err no offense les filles, and you find women with jewelry that are too colorful and too busy. On the contrary, I love the multiple strand and the oversized gem that seems to be very up to date these days. Voluptuous. Moi, je dis, oui!

Alors, I came out with this super grand yellow soft-fiber faceted octagonal quartz, 3cmx2cmx0.8cm hanging in one of the seven layers of chains with a rondelle-shape turquoise natural beads alternating with the champagne czech crystals, which diameters around 1 cm.

The combination of vintage gold link-chain and gunmetal ball-chains make it appears a bit masculine, while the thinner silver bead-chain complement the feminine colors of yellow and turquoise. The closure is toggle clasps, just so that it is convenient to wear it.

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