Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Having a Big Stomach

Today I am 4 days past 34th weeks, the movement inside has been more intense than it has been before. It tickles me gently, at times not too gently, but no matter how intense it makes me proud everytime. Why do I love this being so much, even if she isn't being born just yet.

It gets harder to walk longer, heavy, for sure. But the urge from the doctor to lay down on the left side has prevent me to do more stuff I'd like to do. The jewelry has been a bit abandoned consequently.

At the beginning of the pregnancy the tiresome made me guilty, I hated to stay in bed and fell asleep while I can do so many things around the house, creating something, take more photos of the jewelries, or just stay outside under the sunshine. But right now all those negative feeling vanished and what seems to be more important is to have the fetus inside me grow.

It's 6 more weeks before the due date, if I am lucky you can come out at any moment in three weeks. Am I ready, are we ready, yes, no. This feels weird.  

Friday, December 13, 2013

SOS Doudou

I love if when I stumble upon some 'different' public notice..  This is another one.

Translated: S.O.S security blanket/sleeping bunny/friend; Lost white rabbit at Rue de l'Espérance, 11 April around 5:30 PM. Thank you in advance: 06 09 52 03 88

It's cute how far parents would go to find what it is precious to their baby. I think I can see myself doing this. Oh I hope they find the doudou..

Have a good weekend :)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Gift

From time to time I get the honor to pack a christmas gift. This time is from a husband who needs to work far from home and won't be there for christmas. I asked him if I can handwritten something for his wife he said that he already had a letter to send to her, he asked me if I can send a note 'Christmas Present, Do Not Open'. I think it's cute, so cute.

As I type through this blog post, I received a notification that I have receive a review for this blue necklace. It makes me smile. She wrote "Beautiful beautiful necklace. My granddaughter will love it. Thank's." 

It's really my day today!

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Mustard, Citrus or Mango

This post is dedicated to Caroline. She bought this pair of earrings a month ago and accidentally broke the vintage millefiori over a shower, although it's not directly touching the water I suspect that the humidity really ruined this poor, literally, old glass beads. Results: she is left with a half wiped flower decoration on the coins. aw :(. 
Very patient she emailed me and told me everything about it, like a sweet seller I told her to relax (of course right) and try to figure out something for her.. 

So, Caroline, I might have misread your email last week and apologize for taking three days to get back to you. It's nothing personal but my gyneco told me to lay down 4 hours a week so the baby in my stomach can rest and grow big.

Dear blog readers: OMG, I worry that I might not yet annouce you about this good news, oh well, there you know it :) I am not good a making a toast and an official announcement anyway. Will perhaps post the silly teletubies stomach later if you behave. My husband said that I look like one of these, mean right. I don't mind  though. They're cute *positive smile*

Back to my kind client, voilà three options for you. They are different size and shape however on somewhat the same tone of colors. I ignored the fact that you might be more interested in having it replaced in the same shape rather than color. You see, it's the pregnant brain functioning. 

Anyhow, I might risk not having you liking all three but I'd like to show you anyway. 

The first option is a pair of mustard picasso crystals, made in Czech republic. It's flat, rectangular, with a pretty detail around the frame, and the hole pierced through the vertical line/ lengthwise. Each measures 8mm x12mm.  

The second pair is a AAA grade Carnelian faceted onion briolette in bright orange. It measures around 7x8mm. Different from the regular teardrop gemstone an onion briolette is rather round and short and it can sits down on its own. 

This is the comparison between the two from different angle. 

Alright now, the last option, I keep it the last because actually this might be my favorite one. But you might have different opinion it's for you to decide. 

A pair of bright mango yellow chalcedony of AAA quality gemstone, sizing around 10mm in diameter. I've wirewrapped this in sterling silver, I need you to imagine it a bit in a rose gold filled, I think it's not bad at all. What do you think? 

All of these are smaller than your glass beads that has 12mm diameter and none of them have a gorgeous flower detail on it. I completely understand if you don't like all three, I'll be more than happy to look more in my stock of what I can do for you if you don't mind waiting. 


Oh PS, I forgot talking about the price. The picasso beads can go with the price I talked to you on the email, however for the gemstone they're more expensive. 

Please let me know what you think :) Have a good day. 

For my blog readers, which one do you think Caroline should choose to replace her vintage millefiori? 

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Stamped Drawstring Muslin Bag Packaging

Inspired by Olivsteen's work I shared on the previous post and the urge to redesign a new packaging. I've created a stamp. This is how it looks like from underneath.

Instead of using linoleum like how Olivsteen does with his work (of course I dare not to compare myself with a maestro) I did the gravure from an old eraser.  Doodle the image on a piece of paper, copy it on to the old eraser, first with a pencil and then trace it with a pen for more visibility, and cut off the area you didn't want the ink on with a cutter.

Above are the test after the cutting.  The top left ribbon is the first attempt, if you see it the right tail of the ribbon is a bit fatter than the right one. 

This red ribbon will be stamped on a drawstring muslin bag, thus will replace my existing packaging.

Nothing wrong with the old packaging really. I even like it; designed and created it myself, but the problem is that the production time sometimes takes longer than the creation of the jewelry by itself.  Discussed it with the fellow Handmade Europe, and indeed some of the seller fellow thought that there's something wrong with this packaging, timewise it's obviously less efficient. So until I can find a good supplier who can product the paper packaging for me, I'd have to say au revoir. Not forever I hope.

Did some research on the drawstring muslin bag and found a decent supplier on etsy, what I mean decent is it has a good price / quality ratio. Purchased it, arrived and quite happy with the quality.  It absorbs well the fabric ink too. Let me know if you want to know who my supplier is, I don't get any commision for this, but I feel like helping here ;)

Alright, well... If you like my idea and decided to make the same thing, you're so welcome to send me the picture of your finished product or just leave a message after this article. If you don't like my idea (hei it happens) please let me share my board titled 'packaging' I've created awhile ago from pinterest here you'll see different style of packaging, maybe you fall into one that you like the best.