Thursday, May 16, 2019

Handstamped Pouch for Jewelry

The linen pouch that I ordered had arrived, I had been using a muslin drawstring bag since forever and I never ask myself if anybody would like it. Recently a friend who love my jewelry and had bought a lot of them had brought to my attention that she would prefer that if the bag is a little bit more solid. oops. Always have room to learn, right? 

I scour the web to find a vendor and finally found the one with the best price quality ratio, a vendor from Etsy! yaay! I don't want to be bias but I love shopping on Etsy. First because almost all of the seller is always friendly, they always reply to your (even the stupidest) question, I do ask questions and ask for special requests, sorry you guys I am your choosy client.  But this also means that I can appreciate and can understand that some client of mine can be choosy and picky, because I recognise one when I meet one. hehe. And, back to why I love shopping on Etsy, since I am familiar with the platform, I know exactly where to find the terms and condition.

There are two sizes 8x10cm and 10x12cm, because some of my hoop can be too big and can't fit into the 8x10cm pouch. They came in natural color, I had imagined that it would be a bit thinner and more flexible though, but they are a bit rigid, it is obvious that it isn't washed before. But it's alright I prefer it that way. 

So just like the old bag, I want a personalised stamp on it. like on the old pouch I stamped a big red ribbon in front of every pouch. But this time I want to do it differently, so I made myself a little ribbon and a heart handmade stamp made out of an eraser. 

And here goes the result!

I had SOOO MUCHH fun doing this, and forgot when was the last time I had fun, seriously. So I made more and each one is different from the other :D 

Almost forgot, this is the ink I am using

VoilĂ . I know that I don't give you the detail on how to do the stamp, but if you are interested please ask me. I'll be more than happy to show you how to do it. Or you can also youtube it. So many tutorial about it. :) Have a good day ! 

Thursday, May 02, 2019

Colourful Stud Earrings

Sharing you what had occupied me these days. I was inspired by the basketry and the woven work that is normally done with the bamboo or rattan.  I tried to introduce the concept into jewelry making.

I know that I don't want big items, nor heavy, but I want to introduce a lot of colors into the piece.  So I take the old concept I had which is creating small and light jewelry.  I first form the stud base with thicker wire, 18 gauge maximum, hammer to harden them and then the fun part begin: scouring from the old collection of crystals, pearls, normally I already have a main beads that I have in mind then I work forward after that. Like for example the pair above, I chose this pistachio opaque green, looks like a Granny Smith right :), that I had bought awhile ago from a vintage brocanteur from Etsy, as the highlight of the earrings, then I ask myself if I want a monochrome or a contrast to go with this.   

Definitely still in the beginner phase, I don't know how far I will take the work through this into jewellery, but one thing for sure I have so much fun making them. They are available in my Etsy shop Which one is your favourite? 

Monday, April 22, 2019

Happy Easter

It's 11:10, Alexa is playing black-eye-peas, C is dancing all over our messy living room. I should be preparing lunch, finishing the basket  project, or preparing my order, but there is something more important thing to do to note to remember before I forgot everything, before the special moment swallowed by the time. 

We had an amazing day yesterday, strolling downtown Paris, witnessing the aftermath of the yellow jackets with the tags that decorate almost all of the walls all over downtown is not pleasing but other stuff is. To be able to spend time with my husband and daughter, witnessing the same thing while walking, and make little comments on the people with trendy outfits or urban rides.  Stopping whenever we found a little square with slides and swings. I am thanking God for this goodness. 

This morning everybody wakes up late. C woke up with squinty eyes finding me in the living room trying to finish my basket. I just realise that this morning is Easter Sunday. Like automatically every morning we greet each other, so I greet her with no meaning behind. 

"Happy Easter Charlotte!" 
"Happy Easter Mamma!" 

We hugs, then I go back to my basket. She said, "I want to go to hug daddy and give him my easter egg", "Not now honey he is still sleeping" he coughed during the night and it is only fair to let him sleep in a little in this Sunday morning. 

She came back to the living room and approached me, "Mamma what is Easter?" 

I stopped, looked at her. I had not been going to church for almost 10 years now, and feel more enriched than ever.  so I started.

Easter is to celebrate the rising of Jesus from the dead. 

"How did he died?"

There are a lot of mean people who want to kill him, so they forced him to go to the cross and he died there.  But then since he is God, on the third day of him in the tomb he raise from the dead. 


He died on the cross for our mistakes. It is a symbol for us to remember to forgive ourself.  

Then she stared at me with a super blank face, she didn't understand. 

I continued. "Cherie, for example, you spill water on the floor everywhere, you broke my jewelry, and you put a stain on the wall. what happen then?"

"You"ll get angry" 

"yes I will get upset, and get mad at you. Maybe I will scream and go to my room and ask you not to talk to me. But you know that after that I will forgive you. But then what happen with you after?"

"I will be sad, because I didn't do the right thing." 

"You will go to your room and be sad, because you didn't behave well, because you made me angry. Right?"

"Yes" --At this point I saw guilt on her face

"But when you go to your room, you start hating yourself because of what you did. This is where the forgiveness come. That very soft voice, that I call God, will tell you, hey little Charlotte it's alright now. It happened, don't worry about it. I forgive you, your mommy forgive you, thus you need to forgive yourself too. Now, go play. Dress up your barbie, finish up your puzzle, built your lego.. Listen to your music and dance."

I see her eyes lit up. This morning I think I know for sure that she gets what I mean.  

Thursday, April 18, 2019


Do you have any plan for Easter? I don't. Sorry to dissapoint you but the only plan I have is to spend a quality time with my daughter for 2 weeks, at home. I still don't know what to do for the next 2 weeks but I know we will be doing something. Fun. Hopefully. I need to start looking at the activities done at home for a 5 year old.  

Taking a nice walk to the park everyday should not be a bad idea. We live 5 minutes away from Paris, and if you really look, there are TONS of free fun activities to do there. I need to look. then. Will keep you update about it, if you know a place, or an activity, if you know anything please let me know in the comment. 

Back to work. 

Should I re-update you what I have been doing these days? Since the last blog post is like 1 year and 1 month ago? not obliged right..  But I am thinking this is a personal blog of a jewelry creator, woman, mother, wife.. I think I owe you an update about personal stuff.  If you are following me on instagram @lesbijouxdesiany you have perhaps had some updates on what happened. But no it is not the same. For me, the blog should be intimate. 

Perhaps I won't be having anybody reading this, so this gives me some liberty to write whatever I would like to write. This is a good thing :)

Do you write stuff to yourself? Like something that is bothering you that needs to be out somehow. I do. And I still keep them in secret right now. Don't worry I will not share that with you, because they are just junks that needs to get out of my chest. This is my soul cleansing mechanism that seems to be working, so I am doing it. 

So here, the plan was to update what is happening with me, in terms of creativity and what are the things I learn in that department. And I also keep a journal of meditation, books I read that means a lot, and I feel like it is too bad if I don't share that to anyone.  I love taking gorgeous scenes that I would love to also share here.

I love to write, and when I was a teenager I do it on a daily basis. Nothing serious you guys, sometimes a poem, and most of the times are about boys, oops. I find refuge in writing.  My family told me to never write about anything of what I feel. I understand from their point of view, they don't want their daughter to be judged by others. My Chinese descendant upbringing had always remind me that the women are judged by her background or things she did in the past (damn!) So keeping a blog, even to a 39 years old me who had been living in a free country for more than half of her life, I still have this voice behind me that says, "Don't say anything, if not you will be judged." 

I would love to overthrow that idea, and I am, I disagree with it. but the nagging voice is still there. It is like a combat, sometimes you win sometimes the voice wins. 

Today I would like to give in to the teenager me who loves to write. She might not write well but she enjoys it and you only life once, let's do what you makes your soul sings. 

to be continued... 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Infatuation With Pearls

Stepping out of my comfort zone of hoops, I have been infatuated with pearls and have been wanting to create something big, oversized, but not overwhelming the space.  But rather light, modern, and airy. Geometric but also feminine.

Maybe there are plenty of you that can relate. I have always been the creator who made something with myself in mind. In every creation, I ask myself: "Would I wear this?" 

This one, for example. In the making, I adore this dusty lavender hue so much and thinking maybe I will keep this pair. Unfortunately, violet is not my color nor the yellow gold.  

Any jewelry in yellow gold is delicate, expensive, conservative, high class and feminine. This is how I feel about this pair of floating pearl escargot hoop earrings

While with the rose gold, the mood shift slowly to more modern, gorgeous, chic but effortless laissez-faire.  During this process I had been experimenting with shapes, and this came out prettier than what I have in my mind. I love how the dark pearl lies perfectly in the middle like a superstar but doesn't eliminate the existence of the ear frame.

And lastly the sideway crescent, still with peach pearl. For this shape, I chose rose gold. it falls effortlessly down your earlobe. Amplifying indeed, but only to your style. 

There are still creativity untold, and I definitely will come back to fulfil the crave. Until then, I would like to know your opinion. Do you have a preference material for a jewelry? and what gemstone do you like the most? and on a more personal question, If you are a creator, do you also think about yourself when you create something? 

Monday, February 12, 2018

Something Special for your Valentine's Days

I will not give you a suggestion of what to get for your love ones for the upcoming love day, but rather sharing what had touched me and made me visited the other form and shape of love.

It's Modern Love.

Since I have discovered it late, I have the advantage of doing the Modern Love marathon, I couldn't complain with this. But my eyes have. I cried almost every time.

These essays are sent to New York times and the editorial will choose one to be published in the column. Every week.

My favourite two are these:

1. An Empty Heart Is One That Can Be Filled  written by Lily King, author of Euphoria. 

2. A Heart Outrun. It's Collin Farrell who read this!

And here are my other favourites:

My First Lesson in Motherhood 

How the 'Dining Dead' Got Talking Again

It Took A Villain 

When Your Greatest Romance Is A Friend

No Bounds or Lanes

I Need to Woman Up

Revenge of the Friend

PS There are so many ways to listen to podcast, so in the hyperlink I just gave you plenty of option from listening to the podcast via New York Times, WBUR website, or Spotify. Depends on which application do you like to listen to better. Of course you can also read them, it is more personal, but I chose these because I love the voice of the narrator, they are doing a very good job.

Happy Love Day

Monday, February 05, 2018

Life Lesson: When in Trouble, Don't Contact Your Client

For a self taught jewelry maker, the knowledge often comes from a place I would never imagine.

Towards the end of last year I had somebody who asked me to make a pair of earrings that I would say challenging to make. But I decided to discuss with her and willing to stretch my knowledge.  After a back and forth a couple of times, she finally loved what I had scribbled for her.

I was so happy. Told her the price, she agreed and paid right away. Double happy.

But the trouble came when I had to fabricate the pieces. I had stumbled on the technical detail on the finishing.

Assumed that she would prefer the piece to be hammered like how I would do to almost all of my gold filled pieces, I didn't bother asking this detail. When the image of the final piece is sent, she said: alright I like them but the hammered look is not what I preferred.

Oops! Flustered, my heart raced so hard and was thinking but this is the only way I know to harden the metal.

There is another way how to harden a metal, with a tumbler. However I don't have any of these machine. Even if I buy it would take time since this is the end of the year, and some of the stores I know would have closed.

Went back to the customer and told her about this problem. She sounded upset. There is a possibility that she is angry. We negotiated for the price and finally gave her a big discount.

Packed the pieces, I told myself, fiuh! Almost lost the sales there.

The story is not finished. She followed the email, if you can make them in shiny finished it would be nice thought I don't have to wear them until January 19th.

Oh no!

My friend Natalka from keepityours gave me an advice to try with a plastic or wooden mallet.

I have tried with rubber mallet and have not been successful with those. So I found a piece of wood instead and did what she told me.

After hammering them with this piece wood, the earrings went hard, and it came out so beautiful, I have to admit her taste. I had a sore back but this is another thing.

Told her the good news. She was happy. Very happy I think, because she gets the earrings she likes with a discounted price.

Life lesson for me: When in trouble, don't contact your client.

After this, I have ordered two mallets online: rawhide and wooden. Preparing myself for the next war indeed.

You can see the difference of the shiny and hammered finished on the first image of this post.

Here are the photos of the hammered look which is available here.  

If you have noticed that I don't have the shiny finished available, that's because I prefer to work with what I am familiar with.

But that doesn't stop you from having them though. If you have the same taste as my previous client and want to have the same pair, please let me know that you have read my blog and would want the finishing touch to be shiny. I'll understand right away.

To end this story, I would like to have your opinion. Which finished do you like, round and shiny or slightly hammered ?