Monday, October 15, 2012

Succulent Terrarium: Reborn!

Preparing a gloomy cold winter, I bought four succulents to brighten our apartment.  The obsession began earlier this year and it slowed down as I managed to build this.

Came back from the vacation last summer, I thought that they'd all die of hunger but to my surprise they looked fine and some of the stems grew even taller. I was overjoyed and feed them a couple drops of water everyday, thought that these extra food would replace their thirst while I'm away. well, DUH it's not the case. This is how they looked like two days ago..

I took everything out, threw away the dry roots, stems, and moss. Separate the pebbles and soils, redo everything she instructed on this diy blog post on terrarium.  I use old tweezer to align the misplaced rocks, used eye shadow brush to sweep the naughty soils off the succulents and glass wall, and plastic spoon to scoop in and out the soil. 

and voil√†! a brand new terrarium. 

I replaced the moss with the pebbles, don't think that these two works together for most of the time succulents grows better in drier soil while the moss takes up joy in a darker and more humid space. 

Goofy thought that the red berry succulent (I made the name up, don't have the specific name of this plant) smells good. 

This cow couldn't find it's way out of the succulent garden. 

Enjoy your Monday, stay warm! 


  1. Love this...been wanting to make one and you've inspired me again = )

    1. Aw what a pleasure, I'd love to see how yours going to look like..

  2. Darling, I love it!! Thanks for sharing Siany.

  3. How pretty. Shame you are not this side of the water I would get you to make me one. For some reason plants always die on me.