Friday, October 12, 2012

Have a Succulent Weekend!

Hei! Hope your week had been fine. Mine had been hectic, I couldn't seems to take good photo product on my etsy store, very frustrating, if you know the trick and technique, I'm open for any suggestion. 

Anyhow, yesterday morning I saw a rack full of of fresh succulent at Tang Frere that I have been meaning to have for a while.  Thought about picking it up after the groceries but, silly me, probably have my head somewhere, that I forgot about it.  So this morning I rushed through the store, spent like ten minutes picking the most gorgeous looking succulent on the rack while telling myself that if I were to do it yesterday I could have more choice.

Coming home, all smiling and happy, set up the prop and click click. Taking photos other than jewelry has been liberating, I don't have to think about anything but adoring these gorgeous babies.  

They will soon be in my terrarium. Can't wait.  Please enjoy your weekend! 

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