Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Lavender Bush

Each morning I pass by an overflowing lavender planted at the yard of one of the nursery school next to my apartement. They were so much that the bush goes out to the fences, I was intrigued to pick some of them, in fact, ssh, I did. Once upon a sinful day on the Saturday morning in the summer, when the school is not open, I stopped by around there with a pair of scissors, and cut some that were hanging out off the fence. I felt guilty.

Until last weekend I walk into a store to do my groceries and saw two lonely small pots of lavender bushes waiting to be adopted. There were some other plants of course, the lilies, the orchids, and he wanted to buy a mini rose plant for me. But I remembered that a couple of years ago, a good friend of mine bought a pink mini rose and asked me to take care of the plant for as long as I can keep them, but guess what, I let it die for less than a month. I was really sad. I didn't want that to happened again. I said no to him.

Yet, my eyes goes to the two lonely small pots of little unborned lavender flower. I picked them, two of them, I touched them, I smelled them. Even the little leaves smell as good as the flower. C'├ętait un coup de coeur. I fell in love. I decided to adopt one of them. I asked myself, what if it dies? You will be as sad as when you lost your mini rose. Yes, it's true, but I decided to take a chance to take care of it as much as I can.

Finally, here it is, the baby lavender bush sitting comfortably carresed by the ray of summer sun..

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