Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Friend..

Her name is Titi, not sure how it writes. Excuse me for one of us don't have a capacity to have a formal exchange numbers or anything like that. She lived close by the house I stayed during the last summer vacation.  She is never allowed to get into the house, but her plates are there by the terrace.

The first time I meet her is during lunchtime, she went up to her dish, eat and left without meowing anything.  Not even an eye contact, shy cat she is.  I'd just like to think that maybe because she knows that she will come back it's why goodbye is not needed.

One night during dinner time, everybody ate so well but too bad there are so many leftovers.  Daniel, a guy who stayed with us, suggested that maybe Titi could appreciate a gourmet dinner, I thought that it was a good idea, after a couple of days seeing her calmly eating her croquettes, I find her very cute.  

She came ontime, while we had our wine and cheese.    Like usual, no meow, no purr, just a quick look at her dish and ate them camly.  Me, looking at her back happily.  Surprise came after she was done with her gourmet dinner.  Walked up to me and went away while rubbing her side to my legs. Ticklish.  She dissapeared, the same night she came back and look up to me with her mesmerized eyes, our first eye contact.  I tried to carresse her, but she pushed my finger with her nose.

After, we are officially friends.  She would came by almost every afternoon and night.  She'd rubbed her back against mine while I took a nap on the hammock.  And hang out with me and D while we were basking on the sun. 

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