Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Chinese New Year

Celebrating the lunar new year I went to china town and thought that I would amuse myself to see just one simple lion dance and then go home and be happy.  It happened to be more than what I had in mind and suddenly I really am not interested in the dance, at all...

To summarize, it was crazy!  Enough with hundreds of people hanging out on the side of the street faithfully waiting to see the parades of princess and kings of the forbidden city makes me think that I am in one of the asian city (at home!!!)  

Here goes the first photo I took, a mobile temple of goddess Guanyin , she is one of the most admired parade for everybody try ask her to give them good fortune and good health. 

The incense was distributed on the street

Isn't this boy cute? He is from the fukkien association (yaayyy my mother's clan is there!) I love the red rabbit sitting comfortably on this teenager's head.

blue bunny was there...  

And the panda was there... 

Even Hello Kitty and her boyfriend were there too, they are hanging out in front of Mc.Donalds

A car fully dressed with red, flower, lantern, and wishes for the new year...

I managed to take the photo of the driver, you can tell that he woke up early just so he can put on his new shirt and fresh flower. 

And everybody is happy, making love not war. 

Happy Chinese New Year!

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