Monday, February 07, 2011

La Compagne

This pendant necklace is inspired by the bracelet La Comtesse, and the matching to the Le Compagnon earrings. Topped with the satin finished art nouveau style tha can be detached free of the long pendant and surely worn alone. It is 100% hand-forged with a length and width of 13mm and 7mm.

The pendant are the ensemble of 1cm diameter czech crystals rondelle and 2cm length of lilac dramatic faceted drop as the focal point as they are the bigger stones. However, the bright 4mm double coat fire opal and purple velvet swarovski crystals adds up the live to the style, and it would not be sweet if the 6mm rondelles salmon weren't there in between the sunshine and the dramatic teardrop.

All wire wrapped with a composition of Silver Argentium, with 95% silver.  So light airy you can slip it to one of the thinnest gold necklace you have and it would works its charms out.The Y pendant drops down to 7.5cm, a perfect length to be worn with a plunging neckline cocktail dress.

Price $24.75

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