Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Les Messieurs du Faubourg

A pair of 100% hand-forged satin-finished art nouveau style stud, that can be worn alone, earrings attached to bright and vibrant wire-wraped long pendants. 

The tassles are the ensemble of 1cm round turquoise contrast with 6 mm diameter facet tear-drop jelly effect peridot stone as the focal point. And detailed with 6mm gold shadow diamond shape swarovski, 8mm plum rondelle czech, and 4 champagne rondelle czech crystals all wire-wrapped in silver argentium wire.
The pendant is 6cm long and the stud has 1.3cm long and 7mm wide.

Price $49.75

This earrings match a bracelet of Les Dames du Faubourg on my etsy shop

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