Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Still on Posing Like a Real Model

It is only fair if I model for my own jewelry. I did! Before our voyage to Indonesia we decided to pay visit to our favorite museum.  At the beginning, we just wanted to visit the work of Jean Michel Othoniel for it was his last day of exhibition, but I brought the jewelries anyway just in case.  So there we were at the top floor of the building looking at Paris.  The weather couldn't be better that day and the museum knew it.  They let a couple of windows open to welcome the cool soft wind.  

I was so proud of my new pair of shades that I bought cheaply at H&M, unfortunately that very day was the last time I wore them.  We went to brocante and I drop it off somewhere along the antique stalls along the Père la Chaise. 

There are of course a couple of experiment photos but I am not sure to show it off here in the blog, maybe later.  In all case, Dinh takes better photos than me, unfortunately I don't have the patient that Simone has.  


  1. I love big chunky rings. Your rings are simply amazing. I, too, lose my cheap shades all the time, I am told to get disposable shades. :)

  2. Hi Jun, Thank you for the sweet words, the thing about the shades are once you get the expensive ones you never get to wear it and always end up loving the cheap ones.. grr lol