Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Weaving Pendant

Eh oui, the vacation is over. Even if I can, if I am wise, I should not go whine about it. Full two months are long enough to make you feel guilty of eating good stuff, miss working, and go back to wishing that life goes forever like it. Anyway, true that my stubborn brain is sulking on me at the moment, fortunately I found the beautiful pendants I made before I went on vacation last June. At the beginning I was just trying to find a way to weave silver wire and see how it look.  Not sure if I surpass this skill yet, but even with the beginner, I find it very pretty. Don't you?

It will hopefully be posted on my etsy shop soon.  As the creator, or designer, I definitely have a right to choose my favorite, consequently, my choice goes to the round forth image. Enjoy your day!! 

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