Monday, October 31, 2011

Tealight Candle, Dried Flower, and Glass Jar

I can't seems to say goodbye to the empty glass jar from honeys, mustards, jams, nutellas, pickles. In fact I find a glass jar a more efficient way to store home made pickles, sauces, caramel, even to store fresh gingers.  It doesn't take as much space in the fridge as the plastic containers and, finally, it sits more beautifully.  I never stock up too much of these.

Last month we received a special present for our wedding, and inside the box there were so many dried rose petals, they smell so good for a moment I feel like we were in a rose garden. I don't have a heart to throw it away (I do, tho, throw away stuff sometimes), after a couple days ago I found a better reason to keep it! yaay!

Together with the dried lavender I harvested two summers ago in Perigord, and a tealight candle, this rose petals sits calmly in an ex-mustard glass jar and will serve itself for a special occasion. If you take out the tealight candle and put your nose in the jar, it smells good...

I managed to make the second candle decoration with the roses, that I dried because I don't dare to throw them away, my husband gave me for my birthday last year.  Which one do you prefer?

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  1. Just came accross this..thanks for posting it, gonna put my roses in one too..the LOVE of my life just gave me some for valentines day..i can never part with them...maybe one day...ill fill an entire room with the jars of roses i will never be able to throw away <3 one can only dream...