Friday, December 16, 2011

Le Marché de Noel With My Girlfriends

The Christmas is HERE! not yet, but at the Champs Elysées is.  The christmas lights are installed correctly.  Last weekend it was our window shopping time with my girlfriends at The Marché de Noel.  Literally it translates as Christmas Market, and it's about a bunch of vendor hut installed along the boulevard of Champs Elysées.  The product was just like the ones we saw last year, but this time it is more special because I am not alone to see the paper lampions, the candles, smell the handmade soaps, and secretly sampling out the christmas candies... 

here is us, three.. Four with the photographer but he is busy behind the camera.  Coucou les filles! 

Walking can be too exhausted, this is a good reason to grab a petit churros (which is not petit at all!) I thought that it'd just going to be one 30 cm length churros, but instead there were 5 of them.

On est très tranquille devant la bouffe!  (We behave so well in front of the food!) 

Simone was crazy about the crêpes.  And everybody get a cup of hot wine.

We went home around midnight, the night is out but the marché de noel still packed with people..

Have a good weekend and don't forget to cover yourself up.. it's cold!!! brrrr

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