Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Hello! I came to share what I've prepared for our guests on Christmas dinner. Well, the ambiance I mean. D did all the cooking, while I spent more than a week thinking about which lights goes where...

Friday morning we went to the street market and decided to buy two bouquet of roses.. I thought I'd love the long stems but it seems to me the little roses suits our apartment better.. 

The little apples are real but they are just for decoration.

I found it difficult to throw away the bottle of a dessert wine D opened for my birthday last year and finally I reused it to hold the driftwood (or almost) branch. Yeah, it's winter, and even a bottle have a right to tug itself in a good warm scarf. 

For a couple of days I was so obsessed in making those little ornaments and snowflakes.. 

Me looking almost too proud.  D said it seems like I am getting ready for a Christmas light competition. 

a glimpse of my eco christmas tree.. 

And finally, the christmas tree! I find it sad to use a real pine tree to celebrate one night and throw it away the day after, and I hate how the fake christmas tree look like, and plus we don't have a lot of space to welcome one of those.  Anyway, I've construct one with three branch of bamboo, a garland, and a ballchain. 

Merry Christmas everyone! Don't eat too much like us... kisses! 


  1. Just love it. Hope you all had a great Christmas.

  2. A great job - your decorations are beautiful!

  3. well done Miss Kitty, especially the snowflakes, sparkle & beautiful! and luve ur eco xmas tree, tx for supporting our planet! me too i use my own mini pine tree, no decoration as our xmas tree this year :P
    Joyeux Noel & have a fabulous 2012 year ahead :)

  4. beautiful decor and photos! thanks for this look into your lovely Christmas home, and Happy New Year to you both : )

  5. Fantastic! Love your Christmas tree!

  6. Thank you girls for the cute comments... <3 kisses

  7. love it!!!