Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dream Home? Not Just There Yet

Remember this post? I forgot to share that the owner of this property is quite a stingy old man who doesn't want to negociate at all.  But we decided to see it again, if we really like it, we'll take it! 

Well, that night with a reason to take the measurement to have it consulted with the architect, the agent was willing to meet us at five thirty.  Arrived, everything went well, but then an hour later it is a completely different apartment. Fact that it is at the crossroad of a couple of big streets, and that it has plenty of big windows, had made us feel like we were actually on the road, even with the window closed. We heard everything! the cars, the bus, the motorcycles... We looked at each other with a super ugly face. 

This is what we let go... *sniff with the real wood and a marble chimney... too hard... *sniff again

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