Thursday, February 16, 2012

Contemplating those Beautiful Days in the Past

It gets less cold in Paris, but the sun is too lazy to hang out. I am sitting by the window thinking about those beautiful days in the past. The winter starts late, and will end late.  These photos we took around November at Parc de Bercy.

We installed in a nice bench and shared our lunch with these cute little sparrows. 

One curious hungry little sparrow! 

Afterward there were an American-Rumanian couple with her parents who came from Washington state for a vacation who asked me to take their picture.  They wanted me to do it from the far so the autumn flowers somehow appears in the image, I imagined they'd probably use this photo for their christmas greetings. So I try really hard to make it good. ;) 

Not easy! I should passed the camera to D, usually he takes better photos. Oh well, instead he took me. 

Ahhh all those beautiful days... Enjoy your Thursday! <3 

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