Friday, August 10, 2012

Fresh Air, Sunshine, Sweet Candy

Our bathroom renovation project is still going on.  After preparing the walls and left it off for a more than a month vacation (I can't really complain for this), D and I picked up the project last weekend, and now the tiles are nicely installed around the tub.  But we were so amateur that we didn't clean up after grouting but leaving it dry. 24 hours after, we found ourselves climbing the brand new tiled walls with a sponge soaked in hot vinegar on the left and the tail of an old toothbrush on the right hand working as hard as possible scraping off the overposed joints. oh yeah.

It could have been a beautiful day.  The sun was up, we arrived at Parc de Bercy at noon, found a big tree, got installed, and unwrapped a chorizo sandwich I prepared at home.  Sprinkles of rain didn't even bother us at all as we were protected by the tree.  The beautiful date finished at the frogpub at the bercy village. We hung out at the covered patio looking at the parisian walking back and forth the village, the rain never stop them from being gorgeous.

I couldn't stop sneezing the day after, it might be the mix between soaked by the rain and working too hard on the walls (D works five times harder than I did, but hei I am a girl) If not, it could be the product of me leaving yoga behind two years ago. I should get myself together on working out really.

Yesterday, after feeling better, I had so much passion to restart what I left off last week, I made two big necklaces but this time I will just talk about one. Pink and nude statement necklace It's even already up on etsy.

This time it is different from the stackable tiny little collection.  Still with bunch of color though.  Voil√† after finding a couple of smooth-polished fibered citrine from the turquoise necklace I made a long time ago, faceted hexagonal rutilated quartz, smooth round cut watermelon quartz, saying hello to the peach baroque fresh water pearl I've been saving for a good designing occasion, and thinking about a white muslin shirt with a low cut.  In short: fresh air, sunshine, sweet candy.  I wonder if it is still summer where you are at?

Another one would have to wait until I have more time to reveal. But in the mean time, an everyday collection that worth peeking... All season black Y short necklace, silver long necklace with offwhite seed beads and swarovski opal, and lastly my favorite, the hand forged dangling earrings. 

They probably will be up in the store soon next week.  Enjoy your weekend! 

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