Monday, October 29, 2012

Getting Organized after Making to Listing a Product on Etsy

As an online shop owner who operates everything myself, it's really easy to get carried away and disorganized.  After a jewelry is made, normally the next process is to list it up on the store.   For that, there should be at least five good photos.  Very often I had difficulties in knowing which collection is ready to upload, or if I need to retake the photos, or whether I have a new product that haven't been touched yet.   
For that I created a system that I've been using since last year, and I find it efficient.  This is what I do.  I have a box that are divided into three sections:  PHOTO, LISTING, REPAIRE.

What I do is everytime I finish creating a jewelry I'd put all of them into the 'PHOTO' section.  In the morning when the sun is up, I'd set up 'my studio' next to the window, grab that container, take out every jewelries I have in this section and, if possible, take all their photos.  

At the end of the session, while editing the photo, I move the ones that have five good photos into the 'LISTING' section.  Once I am ready to list my items online, I'll carry this container next to my computer and choose which jewelries I want to upload in the 'listing' section.  Once they're listed, I move them to the stock box rightaway, or the ones that are broken (accident happens) I put them into a repair section.  

I also prepare three indispensable items that couldn't be moved from that box. 
One is a measurement tape.  Two, a three by five cheat sheet card (or in my case is rather the half of the size) handy that convert the size from cm to inches.  

 And finally since I have plenty of collection with swarovski, I need this swarovski color and name chart to help me writing a product description.  

I hope what I do inspire you to be organized, or maybe you have another efficient system, please do share :) Have a good day! 

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