Friday, June 07, 2013

My Friday Night Outfit

Not sure how it started but every friday morning I have this habit to yell "It's Friday!!" once I got up.  The first reason at the beginning was to make my husband smile as he woke up, I think, but now that I think further it's probably just to remind myself that the weekend starts in 6 hours.

Here goes what I am wearing as I type. No, just kidding. But the long hours of search for the decent style really making myself worth to be in this look. Mentally, at least.

Voilà the choice for a warm Friday night at the beginning of June:
Interchangeable gold hoop earrings from my store,
Cognac brown vegetable leather from Rib and Hull,
1920s flapper, vintage brown leather mary jane strap from Vera Vague, and
My favorite material, white linen dress with baby collar detail and matching brown belt from Good Morning Midnight

Have a good Weekend!


  1. Wow, I absolutely love those shoes! Great finds.

  2. indeed! Very fine... thanks so much for including our shoes here! xo

  3. J'adore <3

    I would totally wear something like this :)