Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Open Artist's studio à la Goutte-d'Or

Back from vacation, I might be able to share the photos we took at the French countryside, but not today. I am so behind of what I'd like to share in this blog, and it shouldn't be forgotten somehow. For I have something more interesting I can't wait to share.  If you follow my instagram  you've probably know what I've been doing.  But here is the introduction of the artists that inspires me.

Through this event I encountered plenty of artists.  Three artists, especially, fascinate me with their personality and their work. Paulo Henrique opened his personal space and transformed it into his personal parcours exhibition, there where he lived, he took time explaining his projects.  Mathes, unfortunately I couldn't find her website or fanpage anywhere, a retired accountant who never leave her desire as a painter.  She paints Africa from her own imagination, and my favorite of her is her new technique on painting on an already-painted fabric, batik. When she mentioned this I talked to myself, how could it be possibly gorgeous it might be overlap, well, I made a mistake, they're all beautifully done.

The first visit of this parcours was, unintendedly, my most favorite gravure artist, Oliv Steen.  Saw the open door flag by the door of a three stories apartment building, that guided us to the second floor, his apartment. It's where he work, exposed into every personal object he had, there're other visitors who make themselves comfortable and sat on his bed.  As if we're not invading enough, he asked us if we'd like a cup of tea. we refused politely, we're there to see his work.  The wall is covered with his work, there are at least three sketch book filled with words, old bar napkin with his sketch on, wonderfuly banal stuff.

Well, here is the link to his illustration book.  This blogger apparently did the same event we did the year before.  Here goes 1% (or perhaps less) of what I saw in his atelier. I didn't take photos, all of them I scour on the internet. You can do it too if you find him interesting.

the working process using lino block

Here goes his fanpage, maybe if you are lucky enough he'll expose his work in your city. 

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