Thursday, March 15, 2018

Infatuation With Pearls

Stepping out of my comfort zone of hoops, I have been infatuated with pearls and have been wanting to create something big, oversized, but not overwhelming the space.  But rather light, modern, and airy. Geometric but also feminine.

Maybe there are plenty of you that can relate. I have always been the creator who made something with myself in mind. In every creation, I ask myself: "Would I wear this?" 

This one, for example. In the making, I adore this dusty lavender hue so much and thinking maybe I will keep this pair. Unfortunately, violet is not my color nor the yellow gold.  

Any jewelry in yellow gold is delicate, expensive, conservative, high class and feminine. This is how I feel about this pair of floating pearl escargot hoop earrings

While with the rose gold, the mood shift slowly to more modern, gorgeous, chic but effortless laissez-faire.  During this process I had been experimenting with shapes, and this came out prettier than what I have in my mind. I love how the dark pearl lies perfectly in the middle like a superstar but doesn't eliminate the existence of the ear frame.

And lastly the sideway crescent, still with peach pearl. For this shape, I chose rose gold. it falls effortlessly down your earlobe. Amplifying indeed, but only to your style. 

There are still creativity untold, and I definitely will come back to fulfil the crave. Until then, I would like to know your opinion. Do you have a preference material for a jewelry? and what gemstone do you like the most? and on a more personal question, If you are a creator, do you also think about yourself when you create something? 


  1. really love these earrings! they are simple but not boring, they have something!

  2. didn't read until the end, so to answer your questions : I always create for myself, never follow trends (unless the trends happen to fit what I'm working on, but that's more of an added bonus) I basically am my target customer. As for preference material for jewelry, I do like gold and/or colors for jewelry. I don't like silver because it tarnishes. And I don't have preferences for gemstones, just prefer colores ones.

  3. on a side note, all the social media links go to the main websites but not your pages. And I was wondering if you sold your earrings as there is no link in your blog post.
    Ok, enough comments!

  4. Pearls are always a good choice and the new shapes are fabulous. I like pearls with silver and with antique metals. I don't think to myself when I create but I think there is always our own character in our creations.

  5. These designs are so lovely! They have a minimalist style I like. :)
    I always create items that I would wear myself. At the moment I like faceted beads and stones a lot, but my preferences vary over time.

  6. wow, really cool pieces, blue pearl is stunning, and love the simple lines flowing in perfectly harmonic shapes