Tuesday, May 04, 2010

A bowl of cereal for the petit déjeuner, For a Change!

Usually a pair of bread or croissant or brioche with either nutella, fruit jam, or butter with sugar sprinkle on top (my favorite! reminds me of my childhood), with a cup of coffee or tea, and a morning news is one good breakfast for me.. but today I do something for a change,

A Power Cereal!

I bought my cereal at Lidl, I love doing groceries at this store because the quality of the store brand is just as good. Along with

cube-cut apple, 

a banana, and

scissored prunes.  Yeah, the fruit is good for your health... 

with the yogurt and the milk, 

and finish... 
can't you tell that I love it.. 

I am so satisfied with this irregular activity, and definitely will do something more creative, not sure if it will be healthier tho..

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