Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Cloud and the Bridge Part 1

It was very cloudy in Paris, but I really wanted to get out that day... 

Looking through the southeast of the two of the four skyscrapers of François Mitterrand Bibliothèque 

The complex was so big that as if there is a forest inside the library, here is the multimedia link to have a look around.

Encore, la bibliothèque under the cloudy sky

The stair is going down to the Quai François Mauriac, just by the side of La Seine.

Walking through the bridge to get to the other side of La Seine. This bridge, in fact, is only for the pedestrians, not even a bike can go through.

View through the screen of the bridge.

The Parisienne take advantage of the velib' --except for the monsieur in blue pullover. It's basically a rentable bicycle.  This transportation system started in the Summer 2007 and by far only available in Paris. 

On the southeast side of the bridge.  Plenty of boats parked on the side of the Seine, most of them are restaurants, just like the red boat you see in the picture. 

You know you're in Paris when you spot lovers everywhere

Even under the bridge...

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