Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Crêpes for Sunday Breakfast..

Yesterday I stumbled upon a crêpe recipe here at allrecipes.com and thought that it is simple enough for my limited kitchen tools. The only things needed is a measuring cup and a whisk. I find that a simple measure cup with the level of quantity on the wall of the glass is better. That way you get to keep only one cup instead of series of spoons in different sizes. Again, they are:

1 cup of flour --I used farine de blé simply because it is easier to find it here in France, surtout parce-que c'est pour le gâteau; but if you're in the US, you use All Purpose Flour, and if you're in Indonesia you can buy it at the wet, or dry, market it is just simply tepung terigu.
1/8 cup of sugar 
1 cup of liquid milk --if you live in Indonesia, perhaps most of the milk is not liquid, so you can definitely mix them with water before you mix into the whole ingredient, pour le Français, je préfér le lait entier, mais, evidemment, le demi-écrémé est pas mal. For the Americans, you can use half half or whole milk the thicker the better for the tongue, not for the hips tho.
2 eggs
3 tbsp melted butter --oui, micro-ondes pendant quelque seconds.
1 tsp vanilla 

Mix all of them with a whisk just so it is easier to blend. I bought mine here at Habitat.  This store has somewhat classy yet fashionable home collection.  If you're en France, stop by and amuse yourself with a couple of dreams in there. or maybe buy some that are on sale. It works for me.  Anyway, back to the crêpe.  A tip, though, I plunge the butter at the very end after every ingredients are mixed. And instead of a quarter cup of sugar, I change to one-eight, while half of them are the vanilla-scented sugar. But seriously, I think it isn't a problem.

Here goes my home-made crêpe. They were a bit thick, in fact, but definitely you can make it as thin as you like. By the way the recipe goes for 8 pieces.

A couple of days before, I frozed sliced of two whole bananas. As you can see above the photo, it tastes like an ice cream.  It melts fast though, even if during the winter, I think.

In no preferable order: la crème fraîche (fresh cream), frozen slices of banana, and nutella.  Go ahead and place them vertically in the middle of peripheric, that way you can fold in both side and then just eat them with your hands.

This is how it taste in your mouth, sweet hazelnut chocolate, milky, and  ice-cold banana all closed with a warm fresh crêpe with a hint of vanilla smell.

 miam miam.. c'etait bon! from that day until today I've made them twice already.  Try it!

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