Friday, May 28, 2010

Le Bastringue

Last weekend it was a super beau weather... After my french class, he picked me up and we ate at the restaurant at the corner of Riquet et Quai de la Seine at the 19th arrondissement.  I never been here before.  But it was actually me who convinced him to try this place.  Because everytime I pass this resto, there're always pack of people, and you can see what they eat because the tables and chairs are everywhere at the pathway..

Both of us ordered Dorage.  But what excite me was the side dish, baked cauliflower and cheese. 

Il a pris charlotte fraise pour le dessert, et un verre de mousse chocolat pour moi!

Waiting for the professional photographer to finish his job so we can eat the food

We'll comeback next week!

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