Monday, May 31, 2010

Roland Garros

Just a day before the opening of the French Open 2010, there was a charity event for the children, and it's open for the public at Roland Garros.  Basically you can see bunch of player playing.  It was very cool because when I was teenager I was crazy about Pete Sampras, and my uncle who were at that time living in Australia would send me almost his 'Tennis' magazine.  And of course I crop all of his photo and put it somewhere in a more special book.  Anyway, here's the photo from the event.

The court

The Children are crazy about autograph on the big tennis ball


Bahrami and Grosjean resting in between their double game, isn't the umbrella boy cute? 

The court is prepared for the next game

the crowd doing their wave

The enthusiastes sons, it was really hot that day so it's only fair if they take their top off!

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