Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Mini Chandelier Earrings

Amongst of all the jewelries on my working table, today I choose these three to be presented..
The Rondelle Aquamarine. Combination checz crystal in Aquamarine matching, of course, with the swarovski in blueish green and double coat pure silver. It dangles beautifully for you who are a little bit shy with big size.  Measurement: Length 3.5cm, width 2.5cm. Price:  €6

La Mer Violet.  Chandelier earrings with the teardrop template, combination of a river pearl in violet and swarovski in matching color.  Perfect with your feminine pink or violet dress.   Measurement: Length 4 cm, Width 2 cm.  Price: €8

Du Lait.  Super shiny, all swarovski, an 8mm round swarovski crystals in purplish milky and the diamond shape in pinkish cameleon.  This earrings so cute and adorable you can wear it everyday! Measurement: length 2.4cm, Width 1.5cm.  Price:€8

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