Thursday, June 03, 2010

Flower Stud Earrings

Even though I love making jewelries, but I don't understand these days I feel weird wearing them especially on a daily basis.  Well these collection I made because I thought that a simple stud would go so well with my thick-framed glasses, and none of the people at the metro would notice the 'little party' going on at my ears *wink*  et voila.. Je vous présente..

Each stud consist of three 6mm checz crystals in emerald, tied by a reddish gold copper wire. Diameter 11mm. Price: €4

Four blueish greenish shades of 4mm swarovski with a little tiny round 3mm maroon manufactured pearl in the middle. Diameter of the earrings is 7mm.  Price: €6

Four petal  fresh water pearl flower stud earrings in dark greyish purplish shade.  Dark green 4mm swarovski in the middle, still twisted with the copper wire in silver color.  Size: 15mm. Price: €5.5

The three maroon manufactured pearls match with a peridot drop. Size 10mmx17mm. Price €5
Round 6mm yellow crystal contrast with the indigo 4mm manufactured pearl in the middle.  Size: 17mm.  Price €3

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