Thursday, October 07, 2010

My First sale on Etsy

A months ago I restarted putting things on my etsy shop.   It started from one day between the week, going back from work, he told me all about the wife of his colleague who travel the world and buying the stuff meanwhile selling them on ebay. And I said to myself, tiens, I have an online store too! Fact that it is free, I never really appreciate its existence too much, but I DO have one.

So, I became active, again, in making the jewelries, taking the photos, editing them, posting, talking to the online sellers perhaps they have some ideas to be a successful seller.  One of them is Sandie, a super sympa lady who create ZaftigDelights and KnitzyBlonde on Etsy, she spent her time to write me a long email and all of them are pure experience and encouragement.  I honestly appreciate her wisdom and kindness.

But what excite me was last Sunday I had made my first sale on etsy.  The amount is not too much but it is enough to bounce me up and be ready to make more jewelries...

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