Thursday, November 04, 2010

Finally my Born Again Silver Earrings

Since the last pair I made ten years ago!

After spending an inconsiderable time of searching the silver wire, I finally decided to order some and make some earrings! I am soooo happy to finally meet my old lover, silver, again. It was dated back in 2001 since the last time I made stuff with silver.

Here goes... The first three.

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I will post the detail price and stuff on my etsy store and between now and then please hold your breath and come back for the other collection

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  1. My first love are silver earrings, they're so boho- chic- I love wearing them with just about anything. Those amber beads look great with the silver finishing. My personal favourite are the green beaded earrings with the swirl dangle. Perfect for a summer's eve!