Monday, December 20, 2010

Manish Aurora at the Window of Nespresso Champs Elysées

This store at Champs Elysées really amazed me with their window presentation.  The immense technicolors would made you turn your head and if your head was thinking about something else you would most likely to guess that it is a fashion store.    

But far from what it seems to be, it's actually the same company who hire George Clooney and John Malkovich to advertise their brand on TV, Nespresso.  

Amongst the broderies, sequins, and seed beads that are everything but gloomy, Manish Arora, an indian fashion designer, had transformed this window into a simple coffee store into a psychedelic land.  She made these capsules into a character and all of them with their own attitude. 

Here the first on my list, an exotic bird with a neon green eye lids and matching brodery wings  

Not sure how many watches have lost their wheel in the making of this voluptuous hair. 

But with a hoop earrings she does looks smokin' 

She makes it so loud with big lips and carnival hats 

Look at the coffee cups hanging between the flowers 

A singing a Gaulois with crystal nipples. 

Manish's Fish: a mermaid with sequined fin

The Royal of the East 

And the West with the big crown and a sash. 

And finally a rock and roll with the pink mullet 

And those who makes everything in Paris is so romantic, its street lamps 

Under a bright sky and La Tour Eiffel 

Bravo Manish, I love your work. 

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