Monday, February 14, 2011

J'adore Le Turquoise

I adore turquoise.  the calmness of the color brings you to places from the seashore to the summer sky.  Its detailed fibers and imperfection brings you back and forth to the dream and reality.  To me, every piece of turquoise gives me an immense inspiration, one small rock is enough to muse me. 

This time, as the continuation study of Les Messieurs du Faubourg, Les Dames du Faubourg on my Etsy shop a piece of art created especially for you.  

Falling elegantly just on your collarbone, a 42cm length of wire-wrapped necklace made in the simplest way possible underlining the natural rock and harmonious combination of color.  The focal point of an oval 2x3cm turquoise rock charmingly placed in between two polished natural-shaped citrine.  Encircled by turquoise in oval, button, rondelle, and round shape in a minimum size of 10mm and sporadic points of 8mm round faceted peridot this necklace stays voluptuous.  And finally the 12mm light golden and 10mm byzantium rondelle czech crystals that glows highlighting every detail of this necklace.