Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Customized Jewelry for Madame H

Dear Madame H, I'm sorry you lost your jewelry, fortunately I am still here. It's true that I couldn't remake exactly the same pieces for it has been awhile, but here goes the two propositions. 

The good news is I am able to find the identical Czech rondelles for the top, the swarovski crystals in the middle, and the baroque fresh water pearl at the end. There are, meanwhile, five milimeters difference of length between the two, 45mm vs 50mm. While the shorter has bigger chain and 4 smaller fresh water pearls, the longer has thinner chain and 4 bigger fresh water pearls. If you want the two sets to be identical, only the shorter option is available. I hope it is not too hard to decide. Hope to hear from you! 


  1. I'm really happy to know that finally I can have my favorite earrings and necklace again.. I'm looking forward for your great art works.. thank you..