Thursday, September 22, 2011

European Heritage Day

 For this special weekend we went to the fifth arrondissement of Paris and visited Panthéon.  Under the reign of Louise XV, this neoclassical church was originally built as a pledge of thanksgiving and a dedication to Saint Geneviève who had believed to recover the king from his serious illness.  Today this building belongs to the French republic and considered as one of its monument nationals.

In 1851, The Foucault's pendulum, a demonstration conducted by a french physicist Léon Foucault to prove the effect of earth's rotation, was installed.
This one of the first fascinating prove of scientific knowledge worth the headline of Le Petit Parisien. 

On the way to the Crypt, located at the basement of the monument where laid the body of the French authors, scientists, resistance fighters, and the heroes.

You can visit the website  to explore more the architectural concept and the history.  I find it more interesting to at least read the hand-outs before visiting the place.  There will be plenty of info inside the monument but you don't want to be stuck watching at the video about the pendulum or reading the biographies of the heroes instead of enjoying the beautiful heritage from the 18th century. 

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