Friday, September 23, 2011

The Misterious side of Hippy Telly

Hello! (waving hands) It's weekend! Yaay! And here it is my last customized order for the week. There you go the derivation of the original Hippy Telly bracelet, displayed in on my facebook page.  I add more chains, replace the blowglass with the czech crystals, and the czech crystals with the silverish baroque fresh water pearl. 

This is the original Hippy Telly looks like, with the blowglass and less chain, they each have their own vibe I should say.

Finally, I hope it turns out how it looks on your imagination. Have a good weekend, Mrs H, and my fellow blogger <3 


  1. Woaahhh... Like ittttt!!!!! Like ittt!!! Hahhahaaa... So elegant... U r really talented Sian.. Merci;)