Monday, September 12, 2011

My first DIY art project: drawstring multi-usage sack

Yesterday I said goodbye to one of my favorite pants. I bought this pants more than ten years ago from Express in Tucson Mall during the summer sale of 2001. And five years after that date until today he is bestfriends with the closet. I can still get into this pants, I think, But everytime I wear it I feel weird.

So there you go, I cut the knees off and, since I don't have a sewing machine, handstitched it. 

Converting the belt into a drawstring

this is how it looks like inside out, 

This is how it looks like outside in, and done.

Here's a couple of ideas on what to use it for... 
Maybe I am a bit innovating things here, but this might be a cute bag to carry a wine bottle.  For example you are invited to a dinner with friends and you want to bring wine, or champagne, as a gift or to drink them together.  So instead of carrying it with a plastic or a brown bag I just think that it is more chic to carry it with this new handmade drawstring sack you just made.   Bon, maybe.  Or another idea might be a container for your toiletteries or make up gadgets while travelling. 

At the moment, this bag serves its function as my (clean) tights, pantyhose, stockings, socks organizer.
YAAY I did something with my hands, this project has refreshed my day, it is indeed a great temporary change from making that much jewelry.