Friday, October 21, 2011

5.3km of Paris: Ivry-sur-Seine

Olàlà C'est le weekend! Time passed super fast.  Finally we get our reservation to visit la tour eiffel that I talked about last 2 weeks.  Changing the air from the big city,  here goes the series of captures at Ivry-sur-Seine, 17 times smaller than Paris, located at the southeast outside the capital.  
While the industrialization of the territory in Ivry began in 1835, the city has plenty of old factories and mills that sometimes transformes into a place to life.

Contrast from Paris, the Ivriens are less glowing and more modest.  

Dozens of old railways that connect Paris and department Val de Marne.

And finally, the leaves and flowers of the autumn at the Parc des Cormailles. Have a good weekend! 

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