Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm Back Happily Married

Hei I'm back! Last week would probably the last shorts and light jeans jacket I wear for the year as it starts to get super cold out there.

Despite of the weather, I am so happy to finally step on to a marriage life.  After the grandiose engagement party in Indonesia, a couple of romantic photo sessions as a newlyweds, the formalities at the town hall, an intimate wedding party in Paris, and a week of honey moon just the two of us, I am glad to finally get to breath fresh air without having to think about a wedding details.   

This week I plan to share a couple of things I did with my hands around the wedding preparation: the handmade hand bouquet, jewelries I made to match my red and white ao dai, and finally the table stationary I made for each of our guests on our wedding day. And if you are lucky perhaps I'll casually post some of our photos :) Enjoy your monday!