Saturday, November 26, 2011

Butterfly in the Stomach on Cyber Monday Etsy Special

Oh, I have to admit that this weekend my heart just could not stop pounding normally..

It's all because of the black friday cyber monday sale. on Les bijoux de Siany.  It is like you have a butterfly that treat your stomach as a beautiful garden.

I opened SianyKitty online store on etsy in 2009. It started with five items and has been consistently that way.  Until feb 2011, I added one items per month.  With my french course that occupies me almost the whole year, and the wedding, I always found myself not in a good timing to add more collection in the store.  Finally last october,  I really am putting my feet down to commit on continuing this business.

Learning along with the fellow etsians, I decided to participate this big black friday cyber monday etsy special.  And that is the root of the fever I am having right now. It's normal right? Considering that it is my FIRST online promotion.

Here goes what I did... I make more jewelry, took more photos, and show them off everywhere: on my facebook fanpage, twitter, and finally, VOILA!

Enjoy the rest of your long weekend! Meanwhile I am crossing all the fingers hoping that the butterfly found its way out of my stomach. Oh, what do you think about the photos by the way? 


  1. I've just spotted your blog for the first time and these jewels are beautiful!! I love the little collections of different colours. So pretty - the first and last pictures are my favourite. :)

  2. Thank you Amy.. I admit that those are my favorite colors :) you have gorgeous blog as well