Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thansgiving!

A couple of weeks ago, we visited, again, Parc de Bercy, yeah we can't get enough of dead leaves. There is something magical about the falling leaves, not the dead.  The soft warm color of autumn.. Everything is beautiful, even the sky, and the special flower that blooms just during this time of season...

My Husband was too excited and took almost all corner that he consider gorgeous.  Consequently, it is kinda hard to see him not aiming for a second.  Sometimes he would leave me alone with my park and concentrate on his object.  Sometimes needs model for his backdrop.  In that case, I solve his problem.  I am his most truthful model (as he is my truthful photographer).

Well, I came prepared, with the gorgeous hair, soft make up, and, of course, I brought some of the jewelry.   I told him, I will model for you, if you take the photos of the jewelries.  Well, he couldn't say no too often.. so obviously..

So, after being told to pose this and pose that, here goes, in my opinion, the best four. You'll ask where are the jewelries? I guess my sweet photographer focus too much on the cute face and the autumn leaves...

In that case, he owe me a light box! uh? where did that come from? umh, somewhere... 

Please have a good weekend! And spend your money wisely on the black friday. And, oh, eat your turkey wisely! Happy Thanksgiving!!! 

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