Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Jewelries on My Wedding

Being the third generation of a chinese desendant, I tried to respect the heritage that was passed down to me.  At the beginning of the twentieth century, my grandfather sail by boat from China to Indonesia to start a living. His boat landed on a little island called Belitung.  This is the place where he started his first job in a foreign country as a tin miners.  I never met him, he passed away while my father was 16.   I adapted well with the country where I was born. However, when it comes to special event like right now I feel the strong bond to come back to my root.  This is why I choose red because it is the color my ancenstor wore for their mariage. This represents prosperity and goodluck.  

The white are the color universal that the western culture symbolize as purity.  And finally, the Ao dai is a traditional outfit in Vietnam.  An act to respect the root where my husband came from, and the culture of my future family.  

You can take a look at the dress at the last image of this post. 

For this necklace, the pearls was alternated with the opal swarovski to add a bit of a modern touch.  The little red flower falls a bit on the left side instead of the middle.   


And finally the bracelet that was, again, alternated with the swarovski crystals with different cut so it looks more chic on my wrist.  Traditional doesn't mean old fashion.  

The civil wedding ran quite fast, not more than twenty minutes.  The mayor read the important clauses, and ask us if we consented, the couple and the witness signed some paperworks, and finally D and I exchanged the ring.  The date itself, 7 October, was quite a special day for us for it is also D's birthday. 

But that's also the day of a friday street market!  Since it was in the middle of the week, we expect that it would be a quiet ceremony. But we were wrong because it turned out that almost every people in the neighbourhood celebrating our happy day. 

There were all kinds of crowds: those with their little trolleys, the sellers behind their booths of fruits, vegatables, and all sorts of thingamagics. We parked far for the parking lot was packed.  For that, we had quite a distance of walk.  On the street, we couldn't avoid people looking at us and smiling, some said kind words: "felicitation!", "belle!", "wow!", "jolie!", "oulala!", "Are we invited?" 

True that it is not everyday that a bride and a groom walking through the market like we did.  To top off the madness of the day, D took me to dance over one of the music performed by one of the street artist. 

Oh, and that's not finish.  We won't just got married at the townhall, would we? The day after, on Saturday, we had a special dinner with our close friends and family. And below are the pieces I wore. (aie, too much jewelry in two days! but heyy it's my special day) This is the dress for the soirée. And these are the jewelries that match with it. 

Still loyal to the concept of half pearl half swarovski. I love the disc crystals that serves as a charm at the end of the hook. 

A disc diamond pendant necklace that my mother gave me, to align with the theme of the night, I wire wrapped the same fresh water pearl I used for the bracelet.

A pair of diamond earrings that values more than just any diamond because these pair used to be on the ears of my grandmother.  I want her to give us blessing from heaven.  I did the same as the necklace to stay align with the theme of the night.

And finally, of course, the most precious present from my husband that never leave my ring finger.  That I'm sure you've seen it somewhere here

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