Thursday, October 27, 2011

Posing at the Château

Two weeks ago we decided to take any bus and get off wherever the line ends.  We didn't expect anything great but we were so lucky it ends at the Château de Vincennes. We gladly accepted our 'destiny' taking a tour, napping at the courtyard...

and D capturing priceless image like this one..

and also, of course, those of his own personal model, me.  I start liking the idea of posing like a real manequinn, still haven't regain any patience since last time tho, but in the name of a beautiful sunny day, I am willing to try harder.  

It always feels good to be pretty anyway... 

Only this time is with a little less jewelry modelling and more autumn look.

Oh It's great to be outside! 

After a little more effort, here goes my new bracelet.  An argentium silver wirewrapped bracelet with pink oval freshwater pearl and light rose swarovski crystals.

Finally, what do you think of my Mango dress and cross-body bag, H&M faux leather jeacket, and Forever 21 charcoal knit scarf? 

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