Monday, October 24, 2011

Table Stationery for the Wedding Guests

After the Handmade wedding bouquet, the second stuff of the wedding DIY I made for my own is the table stationery.  Plenty of ideas in my mind. Having some candies inside the guests tags, for examples. It didn't happened, and not sure if the reason lies between laziness or worry that some of my guests are actually on diet. Anyway, I decided to do it simple ways, just the name.

First thing first, the plan. So I want to have it folded into two and stand up just like a roof on a traditional house, with a bowtie on top and a golden strips, and a guestname in front of it. 

 I used two types of papers.  The thicker carton just so it can stand while it is folded into two, and the art paper to write the name of the guests.  Except for that, the tools I used are: a cutter to cut the papers, rulers, a scissors to cut the ribbon, a ribbon,  a perforator, a glue, a fountain pen, an eraser to erase the pencil marks,  a glitter, I used an eyeglitter that I found in my makeup case, and finally a strip of golden carton to accentuate the card. 
For that, I recycled the cover of an autumn-winter 2010 Mango catalog.  

This is how it looks like after:
1. cutting 11*9cm of thick carton and folding it horizontally into two.
2. glueing in the gold strips. 
3. perforating close to the frame and right in the middle of the card where the ribbon would be tied in.
4. applying the glitter on the front side of the card to give a shiny effect.
5. tying in a 20cm length of bronze ribbon.

Now the calligraphy exercise.  I try to write the name of the guests somewhere else before I am sure to have it on the art paper. 

Then I glued the 7.9*3.7cm art paper right in the middle of the front side of the folded carton, traced down the calligraphy with a pencil, doubled the trace with the fountain pen, waited for 10 minutes before erasing the pencil trace. This is how the card with the name on look like. Please ignore the golden strip error I made on this dummy. 

And Finally this is how it looks like on the dining table.  I decided at the last minute to change the bow. This one is thinner and 10cm longer than the original plan above.