Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Yayoi Kusama's Box of Mirrors

Some of her work are quite hard to understand.There is this gross repetitive installation of polka-dots gigantic tentacles that do nothing but provoke a negative sensation.  "My Flower Bed", that has been part of the  permanent exposition at the Musée National d'Art Modern, in my opinion, is icky, dusty, and definitely anything but neither flower nor bed.  None of her last canvas designs attract me, it's, again, repetitive. Disliked everything about it. It's just gross.  

And if I haven't visit this last installation, I'd definitely swear on the guestbooks.  

Before exiting, the way was guided to enter this wall and ceiling mirrored room filled with hundreds of lightbulbs. She started this infinity room in the middle of her career in 1965 and soon develop the same concept with different objects, colors, and themes. 

I came into this room and I felt alone, outside, during the night.  And while gazing to the furthest direction I saw this alluring immense constellation with its blinking stars that softly change its color every couple of second. Long enough for me to admire, but fast enough to end one imagination and restart another one.  It is impossible to decide for oneself but to submit to this indulgence.

I tried to capture every pallets but it is almost impossible to do that.  With quite a series of photos and angles I hope you can somehow share my experience.

Which leads me home smiling ear to ear. I didn't forget to leave beautiful words on the guestbook. Thank you Yayoi Kusama, you have made my day!  

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