Monday, December 05, 2011

Christmas Doodle

With the black friday and cyber monday special on etsy, the days went so fast. In one point, it's GREAT, in another point, it's sad that I had to somewhat abandon the blog.  But I'm here!!

In the middle of last week I was so prepared with things I wanted to share to you.  Until thursday, we found out that D's mum would came to visit us in order to take care our ill aunt for a couple of weeks.  I was excited to meet the woman who carried D in her womb for nine months for the first time.  But at the same time, I admit that I was nervous.  Well, well, but after three days, things went great.  She constantly has funny stories to tell, and my favorite ones,  of course, was about D's mischiefs when he was a boy.

So anyhow, here are the things I've doodled for christmas.  I took red and green water color, a chinese paint brush, two big piece of white paper, divided into 4 with pencil, start dotting, and cut the paper into four.

The first and the second one is my favorite, the rest is not too much. However, I have put this doodle behind  my orange long necklace and the result has made me happy... 

Which one of the doodle you like? 

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