Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Night Outfit: I'd Go Anywhere With You

 I can't stop thinking about London these past days.  The thought prone to whether I am going or not.  Planned it since last February, the night of my birthday D came home with a birthday cake and a card.  Inside it was written, "I offered you one romantic weekend in London".  Fast forward, we booked the airbnb, bought the train ticket, but only a month before that I realized that I need to have a visa for that. Duh.  But don't worry, the incessant anxious is finally behind me because last Tuesday the visa is approved.  What's rest is the planning.  And getting ready to be in love again. 

Umh. So now you know the reason of the title of this friday night outfit.. emh.. awkward.. 


  1. Amazing gift you've got! I wish you amazing time there!!! And your finds are beautiful!!!

  2. Siany, lovely! And your choices, too ;)

    Don't forget to have cloud bread for breakfast on the day you set out ;)


  3. I wish you a wonderful time there! :D

  4. I wish you an unforgettable journey!
    (Love your outfit...)