Friday, June 14, 2013

Weird Dream

I caught cold two weeks ago, had been warm for the whole week, for a moment I thought that I'm pregnant, but it turned out that I'm really sick. Thus the bad mood and sad thought.  Here I am, after an intense of dry cough and miles of nasal mucus for three days and nights, proud to say that I am fine now and so excited to reclaim my life back.

Last night I had funny dreams:
Brushing teeth with dessert de trois couleurs or this.

Two twins being pregnant with twins.

Climbing down big stairs made out of metal painted in blue, it's so big that there are little ladders to help reaching between the steps.

Being really close to a river jammed packed by a weird creature: a mariage betwen the gili island sea turtle and crocodile.  At beginning I was surprised, scared, but then the view was so beautiful the weather was great.  The sun shining through the soft hazy afternoon sky, I saw a mountain from afar.  Then I glance back at the creatures, they're not dangerous at all actually.  Then I realize that this villa is ours, so I told D that I'm not coming back to the city with him. I remember him saying something like, it's not normal because everybody lives in the city and nobody lives here.

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