Friday, February 03, 2012

Enjoy your weekend and stay warm

Thank's to Moscow (or not) France has reached below zero, right now as I typed, it is minus three. BRRRr!! This weekend there is no way we'll get out of home. Off to the post office and grocery. I plan to cook tomato soup, tom yum soup (not altogether tho), gâteau à la banane et abricot avec plein de chocolat, noix, et raisins sec (la totale quoi!), warm ginger drink in brown sugar.. And list of film to watch under a super thick (probably 5 kg) blanket. Have a good weekend and stay warm!


  1. It must be even wors for you guys not being used to it! in norway we have -15 today and it is so cold! but atleast we have it every year!!!

    the only thing making the cold better is hot coco and paistrys!!(just a tip from the north :) )

    love K

    1. Hi K, You're right, gotta really get used to it.. Today is by far the coldest day in my life.. Thank's for the tips! we'll do it tonight for sure! :):)