Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Succulent Terrarium

It is normal to always want something right? I have been 'craving' to have terrarium, not sure if the urge of making one or just owning one. In short, I WANT it.  Going back and forth at google search to find a good DIY and consulting the gardening page on which plants, pots, soil to use.  I thought to myself, maybe if I just read it off, the urge of having one will go away. It's not like it's an addiction or something, I deserve to have a one beautiful mini terrarium at home. But the problem is we live in a small apartment and we already have plenty of plants! They are happy to live with us indeed, but we, too, need some space to live.. Dillema oh dillema...

Well, before I decide, here are the stuff I was talking about..

From Garden of Leah. What a gorgeous pot and I love how healthy and playful her succulent goes. 

Apparently this is where you should find your life moss, save some $$ and it is more organic than the preserved one. I think.  Now that I think about it, I see plenty of these everywhere.. 

This is a terrarium within a lightbulb, Camille from Chapeau Bas shared the full DIY.

oh I don't mind a healthy tree with real wood in my terrarium, image from lacrafterie.fr

DIY from Our Fine House is my favorite so far, simple and it consist of two plants I like: moss and succulent.

 Sara Norris Photography took gorgeous photo, she was right, the touch of purple at the end of the leaves makes it look sexier. 

It is tempting to just click here and buy Amanda's terrarium from etsy


  1. Now I want one too! A fine collection you've posted there. I think if space is a problem, then why not try the small lightbulb and make a hanging construction so it can hang in a corner of your window?