Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why Are There Not Enough Bracelets?

Finally I have a bit of time to say hello on my blog readers. Hi. Been super busy at home with the apartment renovation but also I have a couple of special jewelries I have in my mind that came through a dream, maybe it hovers somewhere in the mediteranean sea.. you'll see why...

Still on the same shade, as if our minds talk to each other, I have a client that is in love with my dangling stud earrings but she would rather have it in green and blue. I went back and forth to find a solution and finally I couldn't really choose between these two. 


While she is deciding, I am also super keen of my new babies. 

Thin bracelets that shouldn't be worn alone. Better off two! 

So light, so bright, as if you have summer in your arm.. Let me be frank, I don't sell a lot of bracelets, not because I hate them but because I love it too much that everytime I made them, I baptised them as mine. *grr! I have a hunch that this would be the beginning journey of my thin bracelet creation. Have a good day! All these above will soon be on Les Bijoux de Siany. 

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